Visions and Celebrations – A 2022 Squadron Recap

A collage showing several people wearing costumes with various mobility aids, several Resilience Squadron stickers lying on a table, a jumping Samurai character on a book cover drawing a red lightsaber, and a femme person smiling.

It’s been a bit quieter of a year for us as we deal with the usual challenges of life and disability, which always make it tough to put out regular content.

But we’re still here, and planning to start things up again in the new year with more interviews, articles, and other content.

And maybe… merch? (Let us know if you read this and you’d be interested!)

But here are a few things we did manage to put out this year:

A Home Base

First, a few months ago we launched this very site, which will host all our podcast episodes, transcripts, and other related content. We also plan to start diving into more articles covering it the themes of representation and disability in the fandom that we cover elsewhere, and collecting links to stories and other resources from around the web.

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New Episodes

Early in the year we finally put out a long-delayed interview with Emma Mieko Candon about their novel Star Wars: Ronin – A Visions Novel, released the previous October.

This was a really special discussion where Emma shared their own experiences with chronic illness and as a “queer disabled cyborg,” all of which informed their take on the Ronin story and the characters in it.

In April we released an interview with accessibility expert Austin Whitney, who was coordinating disability accommodations for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2022, as well as Terrie Roberts Lee, who co-created a Facebook group for disabled attendees.

A Celebration of Disabled Fans

A bit after Celebration 2022 we posted a list of the great disability-related costumes spotted there. There were a lot of awesome mobility aids adapted as parts of costumes, including walkers, saber canes, and wheelchairs.

A huge thanks to all the cosplayers who shared photos of their creative costumes.

And a Thanks

To wrap up, we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us, shared our content, and shared their appreciation for this project. It’s extremely encouraging to hear that these themes resonate with other fans, and that hopefully we’ll eventually contribute to improvement in Star Wars storytelling and mutual support for disabled fans.